Welcome To Tech7

Welcome to Tech7

One Team - Endless possibilities

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Who We Are

Founded in 2015 and built on a reputation for honesty, innovation, and quality – Tech7 is a world class provider of government system acquisition support and rapid capability development and delivery.  Our employees are experts in a wide variety of complex system acquisition disciplines.  Each employee has 20-40 years of experience across the Government, military, commercial and defense industries.  This experience provides the foundation for us to provide extraordinary support across all phases of the system acquisition lifecycle from initial concept and requirements definition to strategy development, to development and deployment and finally to operations and maintenance.  Tech7 has qualified for two additional certifications which opens stream-lined contracting processes making it easier for our customers to access this valuable expertise.

Small Disadvantaged Business (8a)

The Small Business Administration certified Tech7 into the 8a Business Development Program on 11 March 2016.  This nine year program offers Tech7 the opportunity to receive Government direct award contracts through 11 March 2025.  These sole source contracts can be awarded in as short as 8-12 weeks for up to $4M each.  All contract types are eligible for award and these contracts can be setup for any color of money.

Service-connected, Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

The Veteran’s Administration certified Tech7 as a Service-connected, Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  This certification enables Tech7 to compete for contracts that are set aside for SDVOSBs.




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What We Do

Tech7 delivers high-quality Systems Engineering, Prototype Engineering, Agile Software Engineering, Extreme Programming, and System Acquisition support services focused on achieving mission success to US Government space system program offices.  We have a strong reputation for quality, excellence, creativity, flexibility, and honesty with our customers.  Tech7’s success is our ability to recruit highly experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) across a wide range of space acquisition disciplines at competitive rates.  We embed our SMEs within customer program offices developing close customer working relationships to anticipate and meet customer needs. Coupled with the high-quality services we provide, Tech7 offers creative, effective solutions to our customer’s most difficult challenges; truly making Tech7 and their customers “One Team…with endless possibilities.”

Acquisition and Program Management Support

Tech7 has DoD and Industry certified experts in all acquisition disciplines: Program Management, Contracting, Subcontract Management, Systems Engineering, Test and Integration, and Financial Management.  Tech7’s SME are true force multipliers using their expertise to anticipate and avoid the various pitfalls and setbacks most programs encounter.  We aren’t afraid to get out hands dirty. Our approach involves performing the analysis and fact finding to understand the situation and then apply our extensive experience to put the “facts and data” into context and present our customer’s with relevant and effective solutions for their consideration.  Our SME’s defense industry experience makes them effective liaisons between the Government Program Office and their System Prime Contractors to help the entire program team stay focused and achieve mission success.

Systems Engineering and Integration Support

Tech7’s experts provide a full range of Systems Engineering services from architectural and system of systems solutions to requirements definition, technical baseline management, integration, and test.  We understand the complexities and interdependencies across and within mission areas which allow us to provide relevant and effective technical solutions to our customers.  Tech7’s Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) approach is based upon agile process tailored to the specific system requirements.  We assist our customers in taking and managing prudent technical risks through Rapid Prototyping without sacrificing space systems engineering discipline.

Government Contracting Expertise

Selecting the right acquisition strategy and the right contractor are essential to achieving a successful acquisition program.  Tech7 provides a full range of contracting expertise to assist their customers in the development of creative and effective Acquisition Strategies, Requests for Proposal, Source Selection Criteria, and Proposal Evaluation.  Tech7’s expertise extends beyond assisting their customers in selecting the right contractors to include effective administration of their contracts post award.

Agile Capability Development and Delivery

Tech7 is an integral participant in assisting and advising their customers as they transition from traditional acquisition and software development practices to implementing Agile and Development Operations practices.  We are embedded and supporting the Air Force’s transformation to Extreme Programming.   We have played a key role in bringing the space acquisition community together to share lessons learned across the community.

Executive Management Support

In addition to assisting our customers with the basic “blocking and tackling” associated with the successful management of complex space acquisition programs Tech7 also has expertise in developing effective mission area strategies.  These mission area strategies assist our customer’s in developing cost effective and resilient “system of system” architectural solutions.  This expertise helps our customers effectively communicate program needs, strategies, and status to all levels of DoD senior acquisition management.



Let's Talk

  Tech7’s sole goal and focus is our customer’s success.  Can Tech7 help you with your space acquisition challenges?  We are confident we have access to the expertise and solutions you need. If you are interested in having Tech7 as part of your team, please fill in the requested information below and one of our experts will contact you to see where we can be of help.

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